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Artificial Intelligence Training Programs

Our online programs are carefully crafted from the best resources. We deliver the best material.


Quantum Computing Training Programs

Quantum Computing is a niche technology sector which is going to change the way we compute. 


Schools/Universities Technical Curriculum

We offer Schools and Colleges tailored programs for their students to upgrade their skills.


Innovation & Research Collaboration

We believe that our students must innovate to successfully utilize their learnings. 

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Rituparna Ghosh - Founder Director

At Whizzstep , we believe in changing the lives and creating  a healthy and better future in society. The emergence of Quantum Computing,  Artificial Intelligence  and Deep Learning has the potential to  radically make an impact. We believe in the philosophy of  using our commitment to the research  and innovation  to shape a better  future for tomorrow.

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Artificial Intelligence
Rituparn Ghosh

Artificial Intelligence in Defence

Defense forces across the globe have recognized the fact that to protect their interests, it is important to be ahead in technology warfare. Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence

What is Machine Learning ?

Arthur Samuel, who is considered a pioneer of machine learning defined machine learning as a “Field of study that gives computers the ability to learn

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Computer Vision

Computer Vision is one of the hottest fields in the study of Artificial Intelligence.  Humans use their eyes to see objects and interpret them through

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Quantum Computing

It was in 1951  when the first commercial digital computer UNIVAC( Universal  Automatic Computer) was produced. The giant computers operated on vacuum  tubes and laid

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