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We provide training in mathematics, cloud, data science, Artificial Intelligence and Deep learning to schools, universities and to our corporate customers and develop strong foundation in new age technologies .


We are involved in research and experimental development in the field of social sciences and humanities. We extensively use Artificial and Deep learning models through our research arm
AI labs.


We are involved in driving value creation to our partners, driving their businesses through product development and enhancing the capabilities using Artificial intelligence and Deep learning models.


We believe in creating new opportunities to meet the challenges of tomorrow

Professionals and Students

This program is designed for both working professionals and University students who want to add new age skills and who aspire to work in cutting edge technology.

Capstone project

This program is designed for both working professionals and University students who want to add new age skills and who aspire to work in cutting edge technology.

Placement support

We ensure that the skill sets achieved are highlighted to our HR partners and provide guidance and assistance for the current market requirements.


Our mission is to provide quality training and also ensure that we inspire our learners to achieve success through hard work , passion and dedication and we are committed to do so .

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Python and Data Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Computer Vision

Overview -Artificial Intelligence

Understanding what is Artificial Intelligence and how it is helping solve some of the very complex problems.

AI Business applications

Understanding How businesses have adopted Artificial Intelligence and reaped benefit from it

Human Centric Approach

Artificial Intelligence must have a human centric vision and how organisations are solving some of the critical issues to make better living for people

Machine Learning

Overview of Machine Learning.How Supervised and Unsupervised algorithms work with the data sets and make predictions

Deep Learning

Concept of Deep Learning and understanding Neural Networks and Perceptrons

Computer Vision

What are the advances made in Computer Vision and how is it being used in business applications.

Python Envirionment

Installation and Setup of Python environment and the tools available.Basic operations

Statistical Python

Python Integration with Big Data and performing statistical analysis on data sets.

Object Oriented Programming

Understanding object life cycle, inheritance and using relational database

Data manipulation and analysis

Understanding Data Frames and performing data analysis on data sets

Data Visualization

Introduction to Data Visualisation and understanding of the various plots.

Complete Data Science with Python

Data Science tools and available technologies. Performing practical demos for Data Science projects

Machine Learning Fundamentals

Understanding of Machine Learning and different features.

Supervised and Unsupervised Algorithms

Understanding of different algorithms and their usage.

Machine Learning techniques and approaches

Using machine learning approaches to build trained models

Data Processing

Data exploration techniques and examining the data sets

Model Evaluation

Understanding Model Evaluation techniques with different machine learning approaches.

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning

Using Machine Learning programs to create Artificial Intelligent applications.

Introduction to Deep Learning

Understanding the concept of deep learning and understand how it is applied today.

Neural Networks

Introduction to Neural networks and creating neural network

Activation functions and gradient descents

Understanding what activation function does and the concept of gradient descents in deep learning models.

Introduction to Tensor Flow

Introduction to Tensor Flow and creation of neural networks in Tensor Flow.

Convolutional Neural Networks

Understanding Convolutional Neural Networks with real world Data

Reinforcement Learning

Application of reinforcement learning and understanding algorithms

Introduction to Images and Open CV

Understanding how to use Open CV for working on images.

Manipulating Images using real world Images

Drawing on images and performing changes on the images.

Object Detection

Object detection and algorithms . Understanding face detection.

Image Processing

Blending , Blurring and pasting of images in Open CV

Object Tracking

Object detection and methods of tracking of objects.

Deep Learning and Computer Vision

Deep Learning with custom images. Understanding convolutional networks with images.

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AI research Lab

Members get an access to AI research Lab and can also contribute on the ongoing research work.

Corporate Training rooms

Our courses are conducted in a corporate environment with access to cloud based tools for development.

Research Association

We partner with our clients for research and development to enhance value creation

Project development

We provide guidance and consultation in project development in Data Sciences and Artificial Intelligence.

Partnering Educational Institutes

We have partnered with Education institutes to provide tailored course content to their students and staff.

About us

At WhizzStep we believe  in changing the lives and creating a healthy and better future in society. The emergence of Artificial Intelligence and Deep  learning   has  the potential to radically make an impact.  We believe in the philosophy of using  our commitment  to the research and innovation to shape a better future for tomorrow. Our services  have three pillars, Education , Research and Innovation. Educating the young minds creates  opportunities and provide them the ability to face the emerging challenges  of today’s world.Our research wing  AI labs provides us the ability to dive deep  into difficult problems and bring inspiring solutions and innovate  for a better  future.